Don’t Rely on Party Files
for Your Voter Data


Data breaches and access denials are just two reasons
to be wary of buying Party voter data

The recent problems at the Democratic National Committee regarding the Clinton and Sanders campaigns’ voter files have made everyone interested in politics aware of something that all should have known: When the Party controls voter data, candidates put their own voter data --and their campaigns-- at risk.

The national and State Democratic and Republican party organizations, along with their favored vendors, have been collecting, storing and selling data to candidates for years. They build the voter file, add data collected by candidates, PACs and other politically friendly groups, and then sell it to candidates, claiming the data is low cost and high quality. But neither claim is always true. And not just because if your data is at risk of being breached, or if you can’t access it, the cost of relying on Party files is astronomically high.

The better choice is to work with Prime New York. We make sure you have full access to all the data you need to compete successfully, with your data protected from breaches and other vulnerability.


Party files add new data without refreshing
old information

The focus from party organizations is on enhancements, putting the quality of the original file at lower priority. At Prime New York, we update the files twice a year and update phone numbers 4 times a year, using five different sources. Many Party vendors do not include all available voter history in their files (in fact one vendor does not even include 2013 NYC Primary Runoff data!)  At Prime New York, we make sure that all available voter history is included on our file.  We modify our ethnic dictionary so it more accurately reflects New York’s population. After each file is thoroughly scrubbed, enhancements from trusted third party providers are added to give our clients the rich, high quality file they need to ID and contact voters.


Do you really want to turn your voter data over to a
Party file for general use?

A campaign’s most valuable data is the high quality, consistently formatted data brought in by campaign staff and volunteers.  This highly valuable private file data loses its value when it is blended into a Party’s master file where it can be given away. Party organizations and their subsidiaries will require that you turn your campaign’s collected data back to the party and once you do, it’s no longer private and – just like in the Clinton/Sanders mess – it can eventually be used by a political opponent.

Prime New York has never and will never require or even ask that your data be put into our system. We have been in business since 1986, often providing data to multiple candidates, and have earned the respect of all by always maintaining the confidentiality of our customers.


Is the Party voter file really a “good deal?”

State Committees and their vendors usually require campaigns to purchase voter files with more voters than they want or need, meaning campaigns can be spending more hard-pressed dollar than necessary when they use Party voter files.  Prime New York will sell you the voters you want to reach based on the campaign’s own decisions – Primary voters, “Super Primes”, older voters, new registrants or whatever the campaign wants.  We don’t make you buy what you don’t need.

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Clean Data
Each year’s elections changes voter history. Phone numbers change constantly. Voters switch to cell phones. Voters come and go. Prime New York keeps our data current.
That serves you best.


Campaign Services
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Charitable giving in fourteen different categories

Social/Economic Ladder Ranking

Home purchase price and date along with likely  
     current value

Land value and median housing value

Home owner versus renter

Estimated net worth

Investor status

Business owner

Likely presence of children in household

Likely primary language

Lifestyle patterns and magazine category subscriptions

Pet owners of various types

Gun owners



Hobbies and interests found in the household

Self-reported views on hot button issues including abortion,
     same sex marriage, gun control, immigration, school choice and


Compare our enhancements to
the voter file to what others have to offer

The Prime New York Voter file includes:

Complex house holding to confirm most likely household groupings

Landline and cell phone matching from five national commercial sources

Analysis of family characteristics

Calculation of likely marital status

Ethnic and religious identification for @90% of voters

Commercial file attribute appending for nearly 200 separate attributes including income, education, occupation and much more

Application of proprietary hot button issue models and private self-reported issue data

Lifestyle and interest coding from commercial data sources

Census data conversions and application of American Community Survey Data

Among the commercial and lifestyle attributes are following:






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At Prime New York, we go far beyond the raw voter files by constantly running them against the National Change of Address Database (NCOA), the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) and scores of other human and automated checks to scrub and standardize our files.

The scrubbing process removes hundreds or sometimes thousands of duplicate records, appends fresh telephone numbers from five national sources along with extensive voting histories that often aren’t available in current copies of state voter files. Our file also brings in commercial & census data allowing users to segment by income, occupation, race & ethnicity, gun ownership, purchase intent and many others.


Lincoln Voters


For ten years, our Lincoln Voter System designed specifically to work in New York has been managing data for our clients. Identify supporters, keep track of your petition signatures and your opponent’s signatures. Line up your voter contact by building size. Collect data that enhances your campaign’s data for you alone.



Londonderry Data Center Campaign Services

helps you use the data

provided to your campaign

  • Web based Lincoln Voters Data System for managing your voter contact
  • Email campaigns and blasts
  • Mobile contact for texting
  • Live Phone calls to Landline phones and Cell phones for polling and get out the vote
  • Automated calls and Town Hall Meetings


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We founded Prime New York in 1988 at the request of many in New York's political community who were dissatisfied with the other vendors in the voter file business. We rapidly have become New York's largest business in this field.

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