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Prime New York was founded in 1988 by two veteran political consultants, Stuart Osnow and Jerry Skurnik. It rapidly became the largest and most used voter file vendor in New York.

We are proud to have provided products to campaigns for President, Senator, Governor and other statewide offices. Since starting, we have produced lists and labels for County Executives, Mayors, Supervisors, District Attorneys, all of New York's Democratic Members of Congress, various State Legislators, Council members, judges and school board members, for consultants, pollsters, unions, and PACS.

Because of our relationship with Labels, a national company with years of experience, we provide fast, reliable service. Products can be delivered in CDs, downloads and e-mail. We can select voters by district or county, by age or gender, by ethnic group or voter history, by building size. Or any combination of these that campaigns need.

As a service to the New York political community, we have published Prime News annually, which lists the most complete election returns for New York City available anywhere. Call to receive a free copy.

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About Jerry Skurnik
Jerry Skurnik is a native New Yorker who first became active in politics in 1966 as a campaign volunteer.

Now a partner in Prime New York, a political consulting firm and the State's leading suppliers of products for campaigns, he has played a major role on the political scene since then.

Skurnik was the first paid employee of the Ed Koch for Mayor campaign in December of 1976 and then served for eight years as an assistant to Mayor Koch until leaving to start his firm in 1986. In City Hall he served as liaison to elected officials throughout New York State and also played a key role in all of Koch's subsequent campaigns.


About Stuart Osnow
When promoting concerts in Colorado in 1976, Stuart Osnow produced fund-raising events for Senator Gary Hart and Congress members Tim Wirth and Pat Schroeder. In 1982, he served as a volunteer in the Koch for Governor Campaign.

Osnow headed up a computer driven voter registration drive in 1984 and later became Field Director of the record-breaking Koch for Mayor Re-election Campaign. In 1986, he worked for the New York City Elections Project, an office formed to modernize the election process and then left to start Prime New York with Jerry Skurnik.